Head of Laser Safety Laboratory at the Institute of Informatics and Innovative Technologies in Plovdiv Tech Park . Graduate of Sofia University “Kl. Ohridski ”- specialty physics, in 1980. He works actively at the Research Institute of Special Optics – Plovdiv branch, in the field of “Laser Technologies”. Participates in the development of basic technologies: laser cutting, welding, heat treatment, layering, scribing, engraving, etc., as well as technologies for specific details for potential customers. He was the head of the Laser Processes group, and later of the Laser Technologies division. Research Associate Second degree. Participates in the modernization of the laser resonator “Hebar 2.5”, as well as in the development and installation of 6 laser engraving systems for the company “Walter” – Germany; Project “Laser Magnetometer” – as a subcontractor of IE-to BAS and Project “Eloped”. He has several publications (in a team).