Head of the Department of Computer Informatics, FMI, Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv. Head of the Regional Center for Distance Learning. Professor, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences. In the last 25 years – participating in more than 30 national and university projects and 15 international projects in the field of informatics and information technology, distance learning, postgraduate qualification in informatics, the creation of software platforms for distance learning, virtual training courses and more.
Project manager with the participation of all Plovdiv universities and related to the creation of the regional university infrastructure. Head of expert groups at the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation (NAEA). Works with computers, specific equipment, machines, etc. He is doing research and has results in the following scientific fields and their directions: Informatics: Computational linguistics Conceptual modeling, E-learning systems, Algorithms Artificial intelligence, Formal methods for software specifications, etc. Education: Open and distance learning, Education management, etc.
Scientific publications: More than 200 scientific publications, textbooks and monographs in the fields of Informatics (computer linguistics, e-learning, artificial intelligence, information systems and technologies, theory of algorithms, etc.), Computational mathematics (approximation theory, numerical methods, etc.), Mathematical modeling and applications of mathematics (conceptual and information modeling, optimization and management of technological processes and quality, etc.), Probability theory and statistics, Operations research, Methodology of higher and secondary education (incl. textbooks for secondary and higher schools), etc.