She graduated from VHTI – Sofia and the University of Food Technology – Plovdiv. In 1993 she defended her doctoral dissertation, and in 2000 she received the scientific title of Associate Professor. She gives lectures and gives exercises in the disciplines “Analytical Chemistry” and “Instrumental Methods for Analysis” of Bachelor Students and in the discipline “Instrumental Methods for Food Analysis” of Master’s Students. Participates as a lecturer in postgraduate training courses. She is a co-author of two manuals on analytical chemistry and two on instrumental methods in food analysis. She specializes in pesticide analysis at the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Technology in Prague, Czech Republic. Her research focuses on the analysis of pesticide residues in food, on methods for their detoxification, on the inactivation of harmful metabolites, on the determination of biologically active substances in food, on the analysis of environmentally friendly pesticides and new dyes for the cosmetics and food industries. . Participates in the development of a number of research projects, together with colleagues from UFT, BAS, UCTM, Sofia and others. She has published over 70 scientific publications, some of which in renowned journals abroad. She participates in the Management Board of the Science Fund, in the Commission for Quality of Education at the Faculty of Technology and in the Publishing Council of UFT – Plovdiv.